Our History

75th Anniversary Book

Download the four parts of the school history book, With Open Arms: 75 Years of St Joseph’s Primary School Springvale 1938–2013.

PDF Part1 Part 1: A Modest Beginning (1938–1954)

PDF Part1 Part 2: Bricks, Mortar, Faith and Community (1955–1969)

PDF Part1 Part 3: The Changing Face of Springvale (1970–1989)

PDF Part1 Part 4: A Culturally Rich Community (1990–2013)

Audio Documentaries

Listen to themed audio documentaries with excerpts from oral history interviews with former students and staff of St Joseph's Primary School.

audio trackTheme 1: Old School Days (3:38)

audio trackTheme 2: Changing Springvale (2:35)

audio trackTheme 3: A Fete Worse than Death (2:48)

audio trackTheme 4: The Legacy of St Joseph's (2:54)


List of sources used in compiling the history of St Joseph’s Primary School.